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Charged for 0845 numbers etc.

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Charged for 0845 numbers etc.

Hello -
Because I had been charged for 0845 numbers in the past I checked with Plusnet by telephone on Thursday 17 June 2010 before using the 0845 numbers.  I was told that, like the other resolved problems, the 0845 numbers should be all right to dial without charge.
I see that two 0845 numbers are listed as being charged separately and not listed as no charge.  It looks as if this problem has not been resolved after all.  I don't  want to have to contact  Plusnet every time I use an 0845 number and see it listed on my recent calls as charged.  It should be included in my "free" calls for the package I have.
Can it be remedied, please?  The lady I spoke to at Plusnet on 17 June (before I made the 0845 calls) was very pleasant and in addition to saying that the fault should have been sorted she also said that any incorrect charges would be refunded.  I do appreciate this but I would prefer not to have to telephone every time I'm charged for these calls.
Kind regards
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Re: Charged for 0845 numbers etc.

Hi there we have an internal problem at the moment with some 0845 calls being charged incorrectly, we have collated instances and are now looking into a resolution to this with reference to our problem ID 60642.
As you may have seen from your ticket, we have actioned the removal of the overcharge from your next bill. Sorry again, and thanks for your patience in this matter.
Jojo Smiley