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Changing billing date ??

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Registered: ‎13-10-2011

Changing billing date ??

I rang up custoemr services today as I wantto change my billing date - currently at end of month, to the beginning. I was told this is not possible.
I did a google search and came across a number of links i.e.
which mention they have changed the billing date. it is going back to 2008, but surely if you could do it then you can do it now, many companies i have been with (mob, previous ISP's) have changed dates to suit my needs when i change jobs and get a different payment date...
can someone clear up whether plusnet can chage a billign date or not.
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Re: Changing billing date ??

Hi t3rm3y,
I'm afraid our systems won't allow us to do this at the moment, although you aren't the first to ask for it. The old ones you refer to were probably before we realised the negative effects it had on our billing system.
Jojo Smiley