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Cease of service/Moving house procedure?

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Registered: ‎23-01-2019

Cease of service/Moving house procedure?


I'm out of contract with Plusnet and due to move house on the 9th November. I've chosen not to stay with Plusnet so I submitted a cease of service request for the 9th and got an email confirming it had gone through.

When phoning my new provider to setup up broadband at my new house they said there was a pending cancellation on the line so the order won't go through.

I've just received an email from Plusnet stating:

"Another service provider has told us that you want to move your broadband away from Plusnet.

Your broadband service is scheduled to transfer automatically on 9th November 2020."

I presume this is because the tenants due to move into my current house are trying to setup broadband with their supplier. Are they going to have problems with my cease of service pending on the account/line?