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Cashback declined

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Cashback declined

A quick search shows tm not alone and this is a much wider spread issue with Plusnet declining cashback!

I singed up to Plusnet in January through topcashback with a promise of cashback. (Offer still on the website for £85cashback!)

Heard nothing about the cashback initially. After lodging a missing claim complain and months of waiting the news has finally came through that my claim has been declined! Here’s the reply from customer service:

After looking into your claim further for you, I am sorry to tell you that your claim has been declined as the network has not identified ourselves as the last referral to the merchant’s site and this transaction.

As I am sure you can appreciate, if we have not been identified as the last referral, the merchant does not pay the cashback to ourselves so we are unable to pass this back onto you. Unfortunately, as this is the nature of cashback, we cannot guarantee that you will always be successful in retrieving your cashback, although we do strive to recover as many as the missing claims as we can.

Please be assured that we have tried our hardest to recover your expected cashback for this claim by exploring all channels with no success.

I am very sorry that we were unable to claim your expected cashback for you on this occasion and we are as disappointed as you on this decision.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cashback declined

Hello @thai101010

I am really sorry to hear this. I have responded via your account here with the information needed to look into this for you. Please reply here once you have attached the information needed, tagging me into the post and I will investigate this for you.

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 Plusnet Help Team