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Cash back email none existent

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Cash back email none existent

Is the cash back just a con I have contacted plusnet on Facebook several times about not receiving an email to claim the cash back, but no reply.  So perhaps someone from plusnet could answer on this site as there appears to be a total lack of customer support not to mention my internet not working from day one for almost a week and my phone not working for almost two weeks yet I have been charged for the full first month. 

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Re: Cash back email none existent

Hi Paul,

I recently had the same issue over lack of 'cashback' email.

If you contact customer services, they will tell you they have tried to send you the email, but something went wrong, but not to worry, they will sort it,  and true to their word a few days later you will receive the card through the post.

BUT this is not the end of your troubles!!   The cashback is in fact a 'purecard' pre-credited mastercard,  which must be activated online by registering on the Purecard website.  As part of the registration process,  they will send an activation code to your email address,  which you are prompted to enter on their website.   Only snag is,  the email (which is supposed to be sent within a couple of minutes) actually takes a few hours to arrive,  and IS ONLY VALID FOR 10 MINUTES!    I have tried myself 4 times to get this email,  and it seems to me when it arrives in my inbox,  the code has already expired.

You can then try calling the Purecard support telephone number.  You will go through an automated system which eventually allows you to speak to a person.  They will ask who the card was from,  and when you tell them "Plusnet",  they'll say "ah, we have a dedicated support line for that,  I will transfer you."   Whereupon,  you will find yourself on hold for 10 minutes before either being redirected back to the initial automated menu system,  or cut off.

Good luck my friend.

This may not be Plusnet's fault,  but it sure feels like a massive con trick to me.