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Cannot renew LRS

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Cannot renew LRS

My LRS expired on 31/12/16.  I have just logged into Member Centre / Product Change.  It no longer shows a current LRS, but also does NOT offer me the option to change to any of the new tariffs, just Anytime International 300, and Evening and Weekends.  Having just signed up for a further 18 months of PN, and with a view to saving some money by renewing LRS, I am a bit annoyed!  PlusNet, I would be interested to read your comments.

PS.  Just switched over my mobile to PN mobile, and very impressed with the switchover, and service so far.  Well done!

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Re: Cannot renew LRS

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Re: Cannot renew LRS


Does this link work?

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Re: Cannot renew LRS

Hello @SludgeIsland


I'm really sorry to hear you're not able to add any of the new call plans via your Member Centre. I've had a word with our billing team and the issue appears to stem because your call plan is a legacy one.


To resolve the issue, we'll be able to action the call plan change on your account. If you let me know which plan you're after, I'll apply it and it'll be added as of your next bill date.


Thanks for your PM, just to echo here what I updated you via private message earlier today. Your call plan has been scheduled to change to the following as of your next bill date.


The Unlimited UK & Mobile Calls package includes unlimited calls to UK landline numbers (01, 02 and 03), 0845 numbers and 0870 numbers, as well as 2000 minutes of UK mobile calls, at anytime.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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