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Cannot pay bill online (2nd attempt)

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Cannot pay bill online (2nd attempt)

I seem to be one of the many customers who cannot see an option to pay a bill online. I was abroad last month and missed the billing date by one day and did not have any option to pay the bill online. Not only that the account was immediately restricted and the failed payment link appeared. I could not conect to the failed link, I could not even connect to to get in to my account. 20 minutes on hold before got hold of agent. Paid bill and was PROMISED this situation would not occur. So to test this I made sure the DD would not be paid. Immediate restriction, unable to get anywhere near This time I said I only wanted to pay online and they would have to fix the issue that does not allow customers to pay online. Restriction randomly goes on every few days at about 07:15 before CS opens. Phoned yesterday and was told I had 5 days left to pay before charges would be incurred. Again, I said I would love to pay my bill but PN won't let me. He said he would escalate. I said I would pay by phone in 4 days if this was not sorted. He said that there would be no more restictions placed until that time. Today, yet another restriction, cannot get to failed billing url, cannot get to When is this finally going to be fixed??? I worked for several years on Prudential billing, front end and back end - if your IT staff are incapable of sorting this out, I'll gladly have a look at it for you 😃


(This mesage disappeared after editing so reposted)

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Re: Cannot pay bill online (2nd attempt)

Hi @andyhpn 


I can see that your account has been updated with information on the current error regarding this.


When it comes to the restrictions (or what should be the Splash Screen), these are placed on the account at Days 1, 5 and 10. 


We do apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused and can confirm our billing team are working on this at the moment to help prevent this from happening again.


Kind Regards,