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Cannot View bills in Firefox

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Registered: ‎10-11-2020

Cannot View bills in Firefox

I see this has been a problem for years on and off with people. I have been trying for a year and have tried disabling any adblocker from Firefox. I still get the blank screen with just side and bottom bars when trying to view my bill. I can use Edge and view the bill without a problem with the adblockers on, so how about making this site work with Firefox, like very other utility, banking, or retail supplier does. This is a not tech rocket science surely.

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Re: Cannot View bills in Firefox

@Werdna Welcome to the forums. With respect, you can view bills in FF - or at least I and the great majority of other PN customers using that browser can.

If you can't - is your browser up to date? Have you tried in 'Private Browser' mode?

These are only suggestions, and maybe your account is screwed up somehow on the PN system.

As an aside, why have you waited a year to report this?