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Cancelling my broadband...

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Cancelling my broadband...

Please can you provide an email address for Customer Services so that I can cancel my broadband account in writing?


Many thanks



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Re: Cancelling my broadband...

There is no email you can use. You will either have to call, or use old fashioned mail.

Are you cancelling altogether, or moving providers? If the latter, you don't need to cancel, your new provider will do everything for you.

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Re: Cancelling my broadband...

At the bottom of every webpage is the link to the "Complaints Code of Practice" which contains the mail address and other details which Plusnet will need to identify your request.

By letter

If you prefer, you can make a complaint by writing to the address below.

To help us deal with your complaint as quickly as possible, we recommend including some information to help us find your account. Things like your username, postcode and telephone number of the service you're complaining about are really helpful.

Once we receive your letter we will respond within 10 working days. If you need a quicker response, please use one of the other methods mentioned above.

Our address is:
Plusnet plc
The Balance
2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU

If your complaint is about our mobile services as well, there's no need to raise this separately. Just try to give us enough information so we can find your Plusnet Mobile account as well. So things like your account number, postcode and mobile number.

Please note that if you contact us by

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Re: Cancelling my broadband...

Hi Graeme.

As mentioned we don't have a support e-mail address I'm afraid.

Our cancellation policy can be found here.

With that said, is there any particular reason why you're wanting to cancel?



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