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Cancelled due to consistent poor service - waive cancellation fee

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Cancelled due to consistent poor service - waive cancellation fee

Hi Plusnet,


I have suffered from consistent poor service (both landline and braodband) since I joined back in Jun18.

I was sent a replacement router which was exactly the same as the one it replaced (and performed as badly) and it was obvious that this was not a problem that PlusNet was going to be able to fix. Indeed this forum is full of others with similar problems that could not be resolved.

Therefore i have taken the decison to cancel my account on the basis that the service I was paying for was not fit for purpose and need to have the cancellation fee waived as the only reason i am leaving is because Plusnet were not able to provide a reliable service.


I can't find where to tell Plusnet this directly so am posting here so hopefully a customer service representative will come across it.


Kind Regards,


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cancelled due to consistent poor service - waive cancellation fee

Hi @Skrink, sorry to hear you're wanting to leave due to service issues.


Before writing off early termination fees due to service issues, you would first need to report the fault on the account and we'd generally need our suppliers to confirm they're unable to take any further action to resolve the issue.

If this hasn't been done, I'm afraid early termination fees would be applicable.


Looking at the account, the connection does seem stable over the past 30 days:


Do you experience problems with the service on both a wired and wireless connection?

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Infrastructure Operations Professional