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Cancelled account getting a bill?

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Cancelled account getting a bill?


So I cancelled my account after my recent contract ended and paid the cessation fee on the same day. I then later got an email saying my account would be closed on July 26th and I'd no longer have access to it. Great!

In early August I got another email saying my direct debit of £4 had failed? Why is the company trying to charge me £4 when my account should no longer exist? It said to pay within 14 days or my account my be limited, after being on hold for forever I gave up on this.

I got an email today saying 'We are sorry to hear that you have recently migrated your services away from Plusnet.' but to pay the bill. I didn't migrate my services away, I completely cancelled the internet, phoneline, and my account- which I assume is an important difference here?

Anyhow, does anyone know what's going on? My account should be closed and I've paid the cessation charge so what's the uneeded £4 for?

Edit: to confirm the email said I'd switched provider which is *not* the case. I moved home, so if there's broadband at my old address it's not in my name and nothing to do with me.
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Re: Cancelled account getting a bill?

It could be for phone calls which hadn't been processed when the account was closed. Ask for details of the bill.

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Re: Cancelled account getting a bill?

Hi @mariar98


Thanks for getting in touch.


I am sorry for any confusion that this has caused.


After looking into your account I can see that you have spoken with a member of our team at our centre this morning and this has now been resolved.

It appeared to be for your phone call plan for the coming month which was generated in error.


I do apologise and if you have any further questions let me know.