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Cancellation of Broadband Contract

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Cancellation of Broadband Contract

I've already been informed by Plusnet that another service provider will be providing the broadband service from 28th August.  This has obviously been set up by the new owner moving in to the house on that date via a Working Line Takeover.  I am fine with that as it will still give me interenet and phone on the actual date that I actually move out (the 27th).  I won't be taking my current telephone number to my new address or transferring the present Plusnet arrangements for my broadband.


On the letter from Plusnet titled 'We're sorry to hear you're moving your broadband service' it talks about the phone service as well.  Will the line rental and call package that I have attached be automatically cancelled at the same time as my broadband on the 28th such that my account then closes fully on the 28th with Plusnet billing my now closed account within 20 days?  The section 'If you're not moving your phone service' states we'll continue to supply your phone and any other services you have with us after this date.


So can anyone clarify the situation with the phone rental/calls package that I have linked to my landline?


As the situation must be effectively a working line takeover then surely the takeover would have to include the line rental (and what call package the new owner decides)  

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Cancellation of Broadband Contract


You're right @DerwentMailman I can see how this section of the letter can cause some confusion. It's there in case the letter was sent in error, in your case, I can see that the line will be ceased on 27/08/21. Within 20 days of the account closing, you'll then receive your final bill.


 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds