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Cancellation fee issue

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Cancellation fee issue

I'll just prefix this by saying that I joined Plusnet on 15th November 2011 with my original Broadband contract; I moved house in March 2016, at which point I arranged to continue with Plusnet at the new address.

I'm wanting to move away from Plusnet to an alternative provider. I've just called to do so and have been informed that I would incur approximately £200 in charges due to the early cancellation fee on a 2 year contract.

Is this correct? I was under the impression that I was just moving over my rolling monthly deal to a new address as apposed to starting a brand new two year contract since I'd already gone through my initial contract period? If this is correct, then I've obviously missed/ forgotten something somewhere down the line...


Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Re: Cancellation fee issue

Did you pay the house move charge? Or did you agree to a new contract to get a free house move?


Will it cost to move house

It depends on what broadband package you've got and how far along you are in your contract. To find out what you're on and if you're still in contract, just give us a ring on 0800 013 2632 .

If you start a new broadband contract when you move, it's free to move your broadband to your new home. You might need to change your broadband package if you do that.

If you want to carry on with the contract you've got at the moment, you'll need to pay £65 to move your broadband.

If you need to have a phone line put in, it'll cost £49.99.

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Re: Cancellation fee issue

@Sharman7  If you log in and go to Manage Account it should show an amount payable if you leave before your contract ends (assuming you are in contract).  One of the dates in the first column is the start of your contract, probably some time in March last year in your case.

The Broadband and Phone early termination charges are to be found at

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cancellation fee issue

Welcome to the community forums @Sharman7


Further to what SpendLessTime has advised, you can view the details of your house move are recorded on the account and were also sent through via email back when this was arranged in 2016. You can view a copy of this on your account Here.


I hope this helps clear things up.

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