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Cancellation cost

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Cancellation cost


Can someone get back to me informing me of the estimated charges if I want to cancel my contract early as looking to explore my options. 


I have asked on the other thread I created that I have asked but I believe no-one has got back to me. 


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Re: Cancellation cost

Hey there,


You can calculate your early termination charges by multiplying the remaining whole months of your minimum term by the relevant early termination charges for your broadband product and line rental.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cancellation cost

Hi @bosh201140, I am sorry that you are considering leaving us.


I have provided your cancellation fees on the open ticket here.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cancellation cost

Hello, I'm on Unlimited Broadband contract which ends 18 January. How much will I have to pay if I find a good deal on Black Friday, 23 November and transfer?


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Re: Cancellation cost

You can work out the charges from the table at in the section "Broadband and phone early termination charges" which states

Product Package Monthly Charge
Unlimited Broadband Only £11.85
Broadband & Phone £12.15
Broadband & Phone (Line Rental Saver)* £3.66
Unlimited Fibre Broadband Only £9.46
Broadband & Phone £11.29
Broadband & Phone (Line Rental Saver)* £2.80
Unlimited Fibre Extra Broadband Only £9.63
Broadband & Phone £11.61
Broadband & Phone (Line Rental Saver)* £3.12

* The lower monthly early termination charge will apply to any period of the remaining minimum term for which a customer has Line Rental Saver.

Any part of a month in your remaining minimum term will be charged daily on a pro rata basis.

These early termination charges are not subject to VAT.


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