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Cancellation charge, seriously?

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Cancellation charge, seriously?

Transferring provider as contract ends on the 26th June.

New provider has estimated the takeover date as the 25th June, and Plusnet are now saying I'll be charged £11 odd. For one days difference, even though I've fully paid up to the end of my contract.

Is this just a general email, or are Plusnet actually serious?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Cancellation charge, seriously?

Hi @Sparxoo


Thanks for getting in touch.

This email is providing the current charges should you leave at the time the email is sent, effectively this is the cost for the remaining 14 days however you would not be charged this full amount as you are leaving on 25th June as you said.

I agree the wording could do with explaining this, however the cancellation process has more than one avenue and as a result we must advise the charges from the point of receiving the notification of your intent to move.


I apologise for any confusion caused.

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Re: Cancellation charge, seriously?

Maybe the community will agree that the email is confusing. The email states my leaving date, yet calculates the early termination charges from the date the email is sent?

My only concern is that the last time I left Plusnet (again, after a long contract, and no offers for existing customers), I was overcharged and had to wait for it to be refunded. I am sorely tempted to cancel the direct debit (after all, from what I understand, I have paid everything due up until now). The billing system does not allow you to view past bills past 12 months~ so I cannot fully access all my bills to review either.


Your phone service will transfer automatically on 25th June 2019 and will result in the cancellation of your phone contract.

* If you're also moving your broadband service - (we've not got confirmation of this yet) this should happen on the date set out above and will result in the cancellation of your Plusnet account - we'll send you another email with further details if this is the case.

* If you're not moving your broadband service - we'll continue to supply your broadband and any other services you have with us after this date.

If that's not right, or you'd like to speak to someone about your account, call us as soon as possible for free on 0800 073 3057 from a landline or, at UK landline rates on 0330 123 0178 from a mobile, before 4pm on 23rd June 2019. The sooner you call the easier it is to change things.

When your phone service moves
Because you're moving your phone service before the end of your minimum term, you will be subject to early termination charges. These have been calculated at £11.29. You can find out more information about this in our Price guide -

Additional charges may apply if we receive notice that your broadband service is also transferring.

Your broadband package is subject to a surcharge when taken without phone. If you're keeping your broadband with Plusnet, it will cost £17.49 per month after your phone service has transferred. This will start from the first bill you receive after your phone service has transferred. 

Your next bill
After your phone service has transferred, your next bill will include:

* The charge to cancel your phone service, detailed above
* A final charge to cover your phone service for the period between your previous bill and the transfer date
* Any applicable charges for calls made in the period between your previous bill and the transfer date
* The monthly charge for the services you're keeping (including your new broadband price, detailed above)
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Re: Cancellation charge, seriously?

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Re: Cancellation charge, seriously?

Thanks for getting back to us @Sparxoo

We'll pass your feedback onto the relevant team

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