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Cancellation Charges

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Cancellation Charges

Further to my other thread... think I was duped and have gone from a handy LLU BB to ADSL1 when I transferred from o2 recently  Cry
In plusnet's T&C's (Table 1.9 in the Price Guide) if I cancel (BB U/L with phone) it says there is a £5.50 monthly charge & a £30 termination charge.
However, in my Account it mentions a charge of £185.40. Why is there a difference? Also, is there not something similar to a 30 day cooling off period? As I'm looking at the "possibility" of moving supplier again as with a family my 5mb download speed is soon whittled down to modem speed when everyone is on internet/streaming on tele's etc etc
PS Merry Xmas  Smiley
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Re: Cancellation Charges

Because when you moved to Plusnet you signed an extended contract (12 or 18 months probably) to get a cheap deal and the cancellation charges are given here as you say Table 1.9
Termination charge is the charge which is made if the broadband is cancelled not migrated which is separate from any contractual obligations