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Can't pay my bill despite all details being correct

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Can't pay my bill despite all details being correct

Hi I can't access the address anymore to pay my bill, and yesterday when I could reach it I only got an error message however i've had lots of problems with this account since i moved. I'll give a quick rundown incase it helps.

So I was one of those people that didn't recieve a bill for a long time, got a message a couple of weeks ago that it was fixed and I would be billed 23rd Nov - ok that's fine.

23rd came and went and no money was taken, then received another email that it would leave me account on the 2nd of December again ok.

2nd came and went no money taken again, on the 3rd I received an email that my direct debit failed, the error message was this "Your Direct Debit payment failed because your/the payer's identity is different to that stated in the Direct Debit Instruction." now I know this is wrong, i've been a plusnet customer for 4 years and my direct debit hasn't changed nor have my details, everything on account is correct. I recreated the direct debit instructions just incase though.

I then received an email that you were unable to take payment for a bill due on the 25th of november which both isn't my bill date and seemed totally random. I tried using the link on this email however It just threw me to a try again later page.

Basically I don't know what I need to do at this stage this is very frustrating, i'm perfectly happy to pay the bill can somebody straighten the account out so i'm not being bombarded with text messages and emails with random dates asking for payment with payment options that don't work.

Thankyou for any assistance

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Can't pay my bill despite all details being correct

Hi @Derath, I'm sorry to hear you're having toruble clearing your balance as of recent. Checking over your account I can see the payment reminder page was in effect which can cause difficulties in displaying pages at times. I've removed this for the moment now and I'd advise heading onto your member center billing page to see if you can now clear the balance:

By all means if you're still having trouble in clearing the balance then I'd recommend giving our customer service team a call as everything looks to be in place this side to clear the balance over the phone for you. They can be reached on 0800 432 0200 and are available everyday until 10pm.