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Can someone please respond???

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Can someone please respond???

I have received a bill for £83.22 indicating a missed payment. However as the extract at the bottom of this post, payment has been made.

This issue has been going on for a number of weeks. Can Plusnet confirm:

1. That all my payments are up to date and that I owe Plusnet a grand total of £0.00
2. That I am no longer a Plusnet customer as I moved to another provider on the 20/09/2018
3. That Plusnet will now stop sending me emails threatening me with debt collectors due to my "missed" payment.

Apologies for posting this in the forum. However, as I have not gained a satisfactory response after jumping through more hoops than I can count, I am at my wits' end.

Thirty minutes waiting for my call to be answered is unacceptable (I've had this three times now). 

Three weeks waiting for a ticket to be responded to is frankly insulting!!!


Customer made payment online for 34.98 on the 5th September and has provided bank statements of the amount and date but account is still showing an outstanding balance of 34.98. Please can this be updated on the account. The invoice is numbered 104964000.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx - CSC Analyst
8:53am, Sunday 16 Sep 2018
Dear Mr Hughes,

Thank you for getting in touch.

As discussed in our call today, I apologised that you had received another notification of an outstanding balance. 

I confirmed the issue that you had paid the £34.98p that we have showing as outstanding, has been raised to our Billing Team, as you have provided a statement to show the payment made.

While they investigate this, I removed any restrictions on your account to allow you to use the services as normal. You will be contacted when they have resolved it.

We appreciate your patience in this matter and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please do not hesitate to get back in touch online at Contact Us if we can be of further assistance.

If you are happy that your question has been answered, you can click here to close this ticket.


Account holder call, getting notification that there is an outstanding balance on the account, but states has paid. Account would not open in CRM.

Shows invoice for £34.98p as outstanding, but billing screen shows outstanding as £48.24p, a difference of £13.26p for which I cannot find why. Ticket number 182348492 shows issue has been raised to billing as pop has been provided by the account holder. Raised to Billing migrations. Removed restriction

Kind regards,

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Re: Can someone please respond???

Judging by the number of posts on this forum and my own experience you are one of many in this position. While the plusnet staff who frequent this forum will helpfully raise tickets on your account these seem to go unactioned for weeks. So much for a 48hr response.
The only way I have found to get this resolved is to bite the bullet and prepare for an hours phone call to get hold of a support agent who can escalate billing issues.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Can someone please respond???

Hi there,


I am sincerely sorry for the issues you've had so far.


From looking into the account, this has already been passed on to the relevant team. They will try and resolve this as quickly as possible and will update you accordingly.


I understand that this is frustrating and I really do apologise for the inconvenience caused. We appreciate your patience.


Should you have any further queries, please get in touch.


Thank you,