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Can someone from customer support help please ? House move

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Can someone from customer support help please ? House move

I understand there is a number to phone about house moves but I have audiological processing issues and struggle to communicate with a phone - I couldn't find an email so I thought I'd try here
I'd like to stay with plus net but I don't have an address to move to - due to the way my job works I am staying with family for a month and looking for a place in that month
Is there any way to suspend my account for that month please ? Or would it be best to keep paying even though I won't be at my current property anymore ? And what do I do with the router ?
Thank you
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Re: Can someone from customer support help please ? House move

@kazsmit Welcome to the forums. I am not Plusnet staff, but hope I can help. There is no email support on here, but there are Twitter and Facebook accounts you can use for contact - unfortunately they are not as visible as they used to be, and even using Google they don't show.

To answer your query though, unfortunately you cannot 'suspend' an account, only close it if you move without a forwarding address. How long has your current contract got left to run?

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Re: Can someone from customer support help please ? House move

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Can someone from customer support help please ? House move

Hiya @kazsmit, thanks for getting in touch.


I am really sorry for the issues getting in touch via email, but we are happy to assist here and as John mentioned, can also reach us on Facebook or Twitter.


For us to be able to place a house move on your account (which would then pause billing on your account while ever no service is active with us) we would need an address so we can start the process and place orders. When we place orders, we should be able to select a date up to 90 days away for the service to be installed at the new address so if you're not moving right away, that's fine :).  As part of the process, the services at your current address would get ceased. If anything were to change whilst the house move is open on your account, you'd just need to let us know and we could then look to amend the orders for you.


You could also leave your account open and leave as it (you'd still need to pay the monthly bills), though if someone else was to move into your current address and order broadband, they would take over your line which would then cancel your services and account, but would incur cancellation fees. I've sent you an email with your current cancellation fee so you would know what to expect. Of course if noone else ordered a service at your current address, the account would remain open and you would just pay your bills each month as usual, then inform us of the new address when you know it.


The other option would be to just cancel down your account, but again in doing so would leave you with cancellation fees to pay.


I hope this information helps and if you need any further support with any of the above, please get back to us so we can assist.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team