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Campaign code: C255EM

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Campaign code: C255EM

Throughout 2019 I encountered a billing error with plusnet which took far too long to resolve; not at all helped by the issue occuring during an already difficult time for me owing to the declining health of a relative who sadly passed away. Thankfully after much persistence, a team member found and remedied the issue. The experience though left me feeling frustrated and dreading ever having to deal with customer services again! It was that bad.

Fast forward to 2023, and I am still a customer; however a new nightmare has occurred and this one has hit me hard.

Towards the end of August Plusnet sent an email stating some account changes were being made. "We’re sending this email to let you know that within the next 30 days, we will be moving you to a new broadband package. This is due to us updating our phone and broadband plans.

"Don’t worry though, your service will continue as normal."

(Campaign code: C255EM)

The email helpfully linked to an FAQ page, which states: "There’s nothing you need to do. We’ll take care of everything and let you know what’s changing and what package you’ll be moved to. It’s as easy as that.

Your connection will continue as normal.

Upgraded for the same price you pay now......"

Imagine my utter shock and disbelief to discover it wasn't just a change of name of the plan after all; that it introduced an additional monthly cost of £5.32. Quite a steep and unexpected rise; which isn't helped by the knowledge of forthcoming price rises in March when factoring in the now annual CPI +3.9% increase.

I really hope this is just an error with the billing system due to Plusnet changing the name of the plan.

I would be grateful if a team member could remedy this.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Campaign code: C255EM

I can see you have messaged us on social media and Mark has picked this up for you.  

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 Sammy M - Sheffield Team
 Plusnet Help Team