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Call waiting times

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Call waiting times

I read Mark Kelly's comments with interest, but baulked at the comment on call wait times: "Today, they rarely breach 10 minutes".  In the last couple of weeks, I have needed to call to sort out a forgotten password (now no way to solve this online).  The calls have mostly been placed during the afternoon, which most call centres say is a quiet time.  The system has told me that the waiting times are in excess of 20 minutes or 15 minutes.  Never less.
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Re: Call waiting times

You can always see our calls waiting, the average answer time and the current longest waiting call on our portal.
You can see for yourself, how busy we are at the various times of day and with the near live information, you can choose if now is an appropriate time to call.
Personally, I see the best time to call (something I learnt prior to working here) is between 1420 and 1600. Addtional staff are deployed between 1400 and 1600, so any wait time has always gone by the above times.
That is provided the day in question is not being used for team meetings or training.
I do acknowledge that wait times in the past few weeks are not the best, but given that we had a major webmail incident, and we recomended customer change passwords as a precautionarry measure, this has generated a lot of demand on our support resources, and we are not the habit of simply getting the customer off the phone, we like to help were we can.
Wait times are returning to normal thankfully.