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Call plan charge

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Call plan charge


I changed from a Weekends call plan (£0) to an Evening and Weekends call plan (£3.50) on the 3rd December 2016. Through December, I was charged for evening calls and via 'chat' a customer service member told me that the new call plan wouldn't be active until the 3rd of January 2017.

I was billed on the 2nd of January for my Plusnet phone and broadband (for the period 3rd December-2nd January) but was also billed £3.50 for the Evening and Weekends call plan, despite not being on this call plan until the 3rd of January.  It doesn't seem right.

Hope you can help.


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Re: Call plan charge

Are the call plans not paid in advance?
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Re: Call plan charge

If you look closer to your bill, you will find you pay for your calls in arrears, but call features and rental in advance.


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Re: Call plan charge

I can't find this information?! But thanks

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Re: Call plan charge

Hello @willow8

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Just to confirm, your services are charged in advance except for any calls made.

And, any changes to a phone package do happen on the next billing date.

If you view your invoices at you'll see a breakdown of your bill that advises the From and To date of each chargeable component.

I hope this helps
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