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Business premises move, awful service. :(

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Business premises move, awful service. :(

I'm copying this here, as the business forum appears to be all but abandoned by PN staff these days. Sad

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I'm hoping that one of the business staff who use the forums may be able to pick this up for me and help, as I've just spent far far too long on hold waiting to speak to somebody.
The issue is regarding the charges levied for a first premises move within my contract - I spoke at great length to an agent on Saturday who was extremely helpful and arranged for a partial refund of the fees as he agreed that they should not have been charged and that the website was misleading and unclear regarding this. He also advised me to raise a complaint to request a refund of the remaining charges which he was unable to do due to his limits (he did try to speak to a manager at the time to arrange this, however they were unavailable).
I've subsequently received a response to the complaint ticket advising that the agent should not have made any refund nor advised me to raise a complaint, and that they were going to listen to the recording of the call. Now I really don't appreciate the inference that I am lying, however please do listen to the recording. I've now received a subsequent response advising that my move order has been put on hold because I've been partially refunded and they want me to pay this money back to them before they proceed with the move - a MAJOR issue given that I am part way through moving into new premises and face having no connectivity for my online EPOS system and PDQ.
If the agent shouldn't have made that refund then that's a matter to take up with him, it's not my concern as he offered me a resolution to my issue during the call - I certainly will not be making any further payments, and I await a refund of the remaining charges as discussed with the agent at the time.
If somebody who can help with this could take a look at the various tickets and then get back to me ASAP, it would be much appreciated. As otherwise I may need to order a line/connection with another provider ready for the move to new premises, in which case I will consider my contract with Plusnet void as you have failed to provide me with the service.
I'm more than happy with the technical service I receive, however have to say that at the moment customer service is leaving a lot to be desired. Sad
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Re: Business premises move, awful service. :(

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