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Broadband renewal

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Broadband renewal


My contact for fibre broadband is due for renewal in the couple of weeks which I want to do but I'm looking to convert a van to live in (5 months time) and wanted to know would I be able to end the contract early because obviously plusnet won't be able to supply me in the van. I know if you move property and they can't provide the service then you can end the contract early, would this apply to a van?

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Re: Broadband renewal

When your contract ends you will revert to a rolling monthly deal at the full cost per month (i.e. no discounts as per you contract). If you recontract you will become liable for early termination charges if you stop the contract before its term is up. You need to work out what is the more economical. Try calling the Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 as they can advise what is the minimum term contract you could recontract on at what cost. They will also know the out of contract rate and the early termination charges for the contract.

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Re: Broadband renewal

I would expect you'd be better moving to a 4G connection - with the right equipment it can be as fast as a good FTTC connection in most locations, and you'd be able to take it with you in the van wherever you go. The cost of a good 4G router may well be less than the ETC charges. I work from home and used 4G for a couple of years before getting FTTP as it was much faster than the ADSL that was available.

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Re: Broadband renewal


I think that Early Termination Charges are very close to the full costs of your outstanding contract. I think that you get something like a 2% discount for paying early?

When I renewed with PN a couple of months ago. I was only offered the option of a 24 month contract. I don't know if that is the norm now, or if it is because I was being offered a discount?

If 24 month is the standard contract length now, then you are potentially looking at paying 19x the monthly rate, (less 2% ?), to cancel early.


If you can get a decent signal where you are, then @corringham 's suggestion is probably the best way to go for you.


You can check the predicted coverages of all 4 main MNO's here:



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Re: Broadband renewal



 I know if you move property and they can't provide the service then you can end the contract early, 

Without ETCs? Are you sure? That’s not my understanding.

Remember that you pay a month in advance when doing your sums. With a 12 month contract, which you should be able to negotiate with the Customer Options Team mentioned above, be it at a slightly higher cost than a two year deal, it would need to be about half the cost of the monthly out of contract rate to be worth taking.

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