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Broadband Contract Renewal

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Broadband Contract Renewal


My elderly parents have a broadband only contract which is due to expire in early March, according to the web site the only option available for them is to have a new contract AND a telephone line.  They do NOT wish to change their telephone line and only wish to renew the Broadband depending on the cost.  Please could you kindly advise me as to the cost of renewing just the Broadband contract.

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Re: Broadband Contract Renewal

@bidwell05  Welcome to the forum.

You can continue at the out of contract monthly price. If you want to get a cheaper deal then you need to ring customer services and see what you can negotiate. You cannot upgrade without transferred the phone contract. To be honest if you don't want to move the phone service you will probably be better off moving the broadband service back to the phone provider due to the surcharge applied to split services.

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Re: Broadband Contract Renewal

Hi @bidwell05,


I think @Baldrick1 has already answered the majority of your concerns but to clarify you can recontract on the same technology without having to move the phone service but to upgrade we no longer offer BB only. 


For example if the account is an ADSL only account and you want to upgrade to Fibre the phone service would also need to move (and the same for Fibre to ADSL downgrades). If it's an ADSL account or a Fibre account and you want to remain on that same technology then it's just a simple recontract without the need to move the landline. 


You can give us a call on the number below (if you're an auth'd user on the account - although as it relates to billing we'd need to speak to the main named account holder):


0800 013 2632
Opening Times:
08:00 - 20:00 Monday to Friday
09:00 - 19:00 Saturday
09:00 - 18:00 Sundays 


Alternatively if you want to PM one of the online staff a contact name and your parents account username we can arrange a call back.

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Re: Broadband Contract Renewal

Hello. I would like some clarification on this. I'm in the same position as the original poster and have phoned retentions to try to recontract without making any changes but have been told that there's nothing they can do as you no longer sell broadband only products.

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Re: Broadband Contract Renewal

Hi @matty9, I am sorry for any confusion.


If you have Broadband only you're not able to recontract, unless you were to bring over the phone line to us.


I am really sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

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Re: Broadband Contract Renewal

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Re: Broadband Contract Renewal

@LaurenB Your post totally contradicts what @JOLO had said previously, which was that if you stayed on the same product you could re-contract on a Broadband only basis, however you are saying that the phone line must be brought over to be able to re-contract. It seems you have caused more confusion. Please clarify the actual rules on this.😮

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Re: Broadband Contract Renewal

In theory we can recontract a broadband only package but as far as I'm aware we don't have any offers for this so it wouldn't be cheaper than the out of contract cost, and I think for this reason an adviser wouldn't be able to do it as there'd be no offer on the retention matrix they'd follow. 


Which backs up by the part where we've said that we've stopped selling broadband only contracts from the 3rd December last year. 

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