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Break in Service

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Break in Service

I spoke to your agent on Friday 14 October and another agent on Saturday 15 October plus your manager.My concern was regarding no service on Friday from 4 am to 6 pm. Please read your file and chat i had, there was no offer of a compensation of either £10 to £20 just 26 pence which was an insult for having been with Plus net for over 5 years.See file no 136045169. 

Please do not blame BT as my contract is with Plusnet and you should informed in advance that service was going to be down, these changes should be done during the night with advance notice and not during day time.

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Re: Making a complaint

@AZMINA  - Can't blame Plusnet for very short losses of service like this -they wouldn't know in the majority of cases eg my service went haywire for about 8 hours a couple of weeks ago. Just by chance I drove past my local BT cab which was wide open to the elements with two BT Openreach vans parked nearby - if PN were to "compensate" everyone for these short term issues they would be very broke in no time!!Wink

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Re: Making a complaint

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat) Thread split off an old topic for clarity and retitled .

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Re: Break in Service

Welcome to the community forums @azmina.


I'm sorry to hear your services were down for around 14 hours on Friday.

azmina wrote:
you should informed in advance that service was going to be down, these changes should be done during the night with advance notice and not during day time.

Looking at your account, this appears to have been caused by an MSO (Major Service Outage) in the area, not planned maintenance.


With all due respect, the standard cost for your broadband service would be £9.99 per month (Ignoring the discounts currently in place against the service), so £10-£20 compensation for 14 hours downtime would be far from proportionate to the downtime you experienced.

Generally if there is a loss of service due to an MSO or other matters beyond our reasonable control, we would not offer any compensation, as per our T&C's:

13. Compensation

13.1. If you let us know you've suffered an intermittent or continuous total loss of service we'll refund a pro-rata amount of any subscription fees you have paid in respect of that period of loss of service, except where:

13.1.1. the failure is due to an outage which is not isolated to your line, for example network wide outage outside of our responsible control;

13.1.4. the failure is due to matters beyond our reasonable control.

On this occasion, it looks like we have provided a refund to the value of 1 day/24 hours of broadband service as a gesture of goodwill, for the 14 hours downtime you experienced.

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