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Breach of Contract by Plusnet

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Breach of Contract by Plusnet

Sent to Plusnet by Royal Mail:


The Complaints Manager

Plusnet plc
The Balance
2 Pinfold Street
S1 2GU                                                                                       10th January, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam

My User Name: ******** - Account ID 00002715030 - Breach of Contract by Plusnet

Further to my letter of 24th December, 2018 which drew to your attention problems I was encountering with Plusnet, I much regret to have to write to inform that these issues are arising yet again.

At just after 20:00 Wednesday 9th January, 2019, I received three texts in succession followed by two emails from Plusnet informing me that my account was overdue in the sum of £22.70 and would be closed.

Obviously no notice at all had been taken of my earlier communication with Plusnet in which I informed you that the Openreach Engineer had used my line to make three phone calls in the sum of 72p which added to the normal monthly fee of £21.98 adds up to £22.70. I don't own a landline telephone.

Further, I checked my on line bank account and see there a direct debit provision in favour of Plusnet.

I rang the customer services line to be informed that my Plusnet account had been closed and that there was nothing further to be done.  I asked the assistant if there was anything I could do and whether Plusnet wanted to have my business and he suggested that I write to you once again.

Please could you enlighten me as to what Plusnet are playing at? I can honestly say that I have never encountered a company such as yours in my sixty years.

Are you able to fulfil the rest of your contract with me for the provision of broadband at £21.98 a month or are you breaching that contract forcing me to seek the service elsewhere?

Yours faithfully


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Re: Breach of Contract by Plusnet

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Re: Breach of Contract by Plusnet

Hi @Michael312,

I sincerely apologise for the issue with your bill leading up to sending a letter to us.

Since this letter has been sent I can see that various actions have been taken to resolve the issue for you. Although this is the case, I have updated the ticket on your account in relation to the refund for calls made by the engineer and the good will gesture.

If you require any further assistance in the meantime, let us know and we will pick it up as soon as possible for you.

Thank you.

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 Lewis G
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