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Bit of a rant….

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Bit of a rant….

As above just wanted to vent. On 25 July I ordered FTTP to replace my fibre extra. I did this online and the new price was to be 25.99. Asked for installation date 10 August. Soon received emails saying sorry you’re leaving, and telling me I had to pay £98 early termination fees! Same day another email saying new price will be £30. Then email saying there’s been a problem with your order. Rang CS, told it was all probably due to ordering online (no idea why) and there would be no early termination fee, and all was ok. Same day (25 Jul) an email saying new price £27.99 as a gesture of goodwill! Rang CS, would now be £25.99. 27. 27 July received letter advising of termination charges. Rang CS, said it was a glitch, asked about installation date, no one could tell me. Had a think about it all, decided that I’d cancel the whole thing and go back to original. Cancelled via CS, had confirmation. On 6 Aug, after using mobile phone only for internet, etc I decided to cancel my account entirely and pay the early termination fee. Did this through CS and confirmed that I would cease my contract on 20th August (14 days notice). Received email confirmation. Today I received message saying router for my cancelled FTTP was on the way. Rang CS, told me all was being cancelled, and would be terminated on 11 Aug. Sorry about router! Router arrived 2 hours later. Thinking about it, 11 Aug was about the time the FTTP was to be installed, so I’m thinking maybe the fibre installation hasn’t been cancelled at all. I’m half expecting an engineer on Thursday. This has been an absolute disaster and I wish I’d never tried to change in the first place. I don’t want to ring CS again as I just get told all is ok.

congratulations if you’ve read this far! I just wanted to get it off my chest. I have had several years of good internet from PN, but you can probably tell I’m not much of a fan anymore!