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Billing query

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Registered: ‎21-04-2020

Billing query

My DD bounced last month (totally my fault) and I paid manually on the 26th. 

Definitely paid as it's gone out the bank.

My DD is due tomorrow and according to the bill I haven't paid last month so the bill is saying 2 months will be taken.

This is obviously incorrect as I have paid last months bill.

Will I pay twice - or will the system have updated itself prior to the payment being taken?



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Billing query

Hi @Gertie100


Thanks for getting in touch.

Direct Debit request is sent based on outstanding balance. You can view it on latest bill. If there is anything like for example:

Balance brought forward £30

Payment                -£30


Then it means that payment was taken during last billing period. If line with payment is missing - then it means that we did not receive any payment last month. If you your bill is higher than usual - there is list of every charge on your bill where you can check if everything is correct.

Usually it is caused by additional call charges, change of billing date or changing product.


I hope that helps.