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Billing in meltdown

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Billing in meltdown

After the billing system not being able to cope with me upgrading to fibre extra and negotiating the price so I get a discount which has to be manually applied every month, the latest is I have been told my bills will have to be adjusted as it seems the system cannot cope with the recent price rise which does not apply to me as I am on a fixed price for the length of the contract.
I get a discount on the discount.
Look very carefully at your bills.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Billing in meltdown



I personally and manually add your discounts (or credits) each month before your billing date, until the issue with your particular account is resolved. The addition of the discounts to cover the price increase has been an automatic thing that's been put in place for all those customers that should be on a fixed price contract but there's an internal problem adding the discounts (which is why I'm adding them manually each month). This has been done proactively to prevent any further billing related issues as best as possible - although obviously in an ideal world the root cause of the problems being resolved would be ideal they're not able to fix this yet - so apologies for that.