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Billing and debt collection for old account!

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Billing and debt collection for old account!

So up to 2018, the account at this address was held in my partner's name. I rang to change it to mine in Sept 2018. You advised that a new account had to be opened and the old one closed as he had left and I had no idea where he was. The direct debit for the old account came from my bank, so I asked about this. Your advisor said I should cancel this direct debit as I was now going to make an initial payment for the new account and set up a new direct debit. I queried this but was told that it was okay as the old account and anything owing would be cancelled as it would be covered by my initial payment. I thought nothing further of it and proceeded as advised.

A few weeks later I received an email for an amount owed under the old account. This email was sent to an account that my ex partner and I had previously shared for household matters; it has been closed due to hacking issues. I rang you when I received this email. You advisor apologised and assured me that the account had been cancelled and the one in my name was all that I had to be concerned with. It happened again a couple of times; again I rang and was told the same thing.

Two years on, letters from yourselves and now from a debt collection agency have been sent to my address for my ex partner for the amount owed on the old account! As you can imagine I am not very happy about this as a bad debt has been registered at my address for, a) someone who no longer lives here and b) an amount that you said had been cancelled out when the old account was closed. This is giving me anxiety issues which I can well do without.

I have checked my account and it clearly shows that on the 21/09/2018 the old account and contract was written off. What on earth are  you doing by sending debt letters here?

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Re: Billing and debt collection for old account!

As long as the letters are addressed to your ex-partner and not to you, don't worry about them.  Just write 'no longer at this address - please RTS' on them and stick them in a post box.  Or bin them.  Eiher way, unless they are addressed to you personally then it's of no consequence (apart from being a nuisance).  Addresses don't get a bad credit rating, only people.

I speak from experience. Years ago my ex moved out of our then home, leaving a trail of debt behind him. Cue endless phone calls and letters from various companies and his bank. One day I arrived home to find a couple of Sheriff's Officers (aka bailiffs if you're outside Scotland) on the doorstep noting down the registration no of my car...  They were actually really nice when I explained he didn't live there any more.