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Billing Problem - Frustration !

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Billing Problem - Frustration !

Can someone offer some help and guidance about how to resolve a frustrating billing issue ?


Had my PN fiber for two months. Negotiated a discounted deal due to local price competitor etc (I'll play fair and not tell you what my discounted rate is for now) .

First bill arrives and I've been charged full-price of £49.61 and not my discounted price. No problem ! I call PN, they assure me I'll be credited the price difference and future bills will be for the correct discounted amount - great ! 


Except today I receive an email saying I'll be charged £49.61 again this month !!! So not only have I not been credited for month one, but my billing details are still wrong. 

I'd call PN to try an rectify things, but when I was overcharged in month one, I called PN and it took over 1.5 hours to resolve things - and the first person I talked to was very reluctant to believe I'd negotiated a discounted deal !!! 

Obviously, having only been a fiber customer for two month the experience has not be positive !


Any help would be very much appreciated .

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Re: Billing Problem - Frustration !

I'm  sure a member of PN staff will pick this up later today and look into it for you; they can listen to the phonecall and will be able to confirm the details of the deal you negotiated.  And, although I haven't had one of these billing issues myself (so far), they seem to be good at getting them resolved.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Billing Problem - Frustration !

Hi @onlyme4,


I've had a look over your account and it appears the agreed discount against your fibre package has been applied on this months invoice that has come through at £49.61, and the previous invoice that came through at slightly less than this.


Looking at the invoices, the reason these are higher than expected is due to additional call charges.


You can view a breakdown of these invoices via the member centre Here, and you can view a breakdown of call charges Here.


I hope this helps.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Help Team