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Billing Issues

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Billing Issues

HI i join plusnet  some weeks ago and all i have had with plusnet is hassle not doing 
there job right i had a call on Saturday  25 of July 2020 some one for plusnet say 
that they did not have the right direct debit details when they did from day one
then i get email saying it my my fault in a email then i get a another email say my 
dd was not right again when i give it to lady over the phone on Saturday so i call 
in to day to see my bill was not correct ? what is going on with plusnet the lady i 
lady i spoke to said on Saturday  25 of July  she will rase a complaint and she did 
not ask the lady to rase complaint she has not to this is so bad can get manager to 
call me make sure this dose not happen to any one who is plusnet customer 
from Scott Bryant 




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Re: Why have Plusnet blocked secure DNS?

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