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Billing Error

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Registered: ‎28-03-2020

Billing Error

When my contract ended with Plusnet, I left and got a better deal with another provider.

Then Plusnet phoned to say they could match the deal I got.

I asked them three times if this would casue any hassle - the answer - No.

Then I phoned again about the account the direct debit would come from.

They said they could not arrange this until my first bill was issued.

My first bill has now come through and it's three times the agreed amount.

There is no on-line chat available, no phone calls are available. How can I sirt this when there's no help available?

I have wasted hours on this and it's already a stressful time without being e-mailed by Plusnet that the monthly payment is three times what the agreed amount was supposed to be. I phoned Plusnet three times to ensure this would not happen and got their reassurance it would not - and despite this, it has. This is extremely stressful and deeply unfair, especially when i did everyhting I could to ensure this would not happen and was erroneously "assured" from Plusnet that it would not happen either. If I can't contact Plusnet, how do I get this sorted?