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Billed much higher amount after "broken account"

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Billed much higher amount after "broken account"

Hi there,

I decided to post here rather than call one more time because I am sick of spending time on the phone trying to resolve all the issues that arose after I moved home and this is the only option for reporting issues in writing.

I have been a customer of PlusNet since November 2020 on a 18-month fibre contract for £21.99/month. In May 2021, I moved homes and since then all hell broke loose. When I called to request the house move, I was given the option to sign a new contract or pay a fee of £65 to transfer my current contract. I decided to pay the fee to avoid changing my billing amount or extending my initial commitment.

After my move at the end of May, I received a message that the move "has broke the billing on the account" and that I should get in touch in order to not lose service. I did so and I set up a new account for 12 more months. After that, on top of being charged a cancellation fee (which I got a refund for after chasing PlusNet), receiving false notices of my line being taken over, over which I had to call customer support to make sure I am not going to lose service, reporting that I have not been receiving bills in accordance to my contract and being reassured that everything is fine, receiving a second router which I tried to return using one of the return bags (and ended up being returned to me), my bill is now £38.20.

To give more information, these are the bills I received over the last few months:

Old account:

27/04/2021: £21.99 (proper billing amount)

27/05/2021: -£4.40 (assumed pro-rated return since the move was before the end of the billing period)

02/07/2021: £103.24 cancellation fee (adjusted for the return above to £98.84). I received a refund of £103.24 for this charge.

New account:

13/06/2021: £0 (At that point I asked why I wasn't charged properly. I was told the billing is fine, so I assumed I'd be charged in the future)

12/07/2021: £38.20 + a small amount for a phone call. I did not look into that bill as I just assumed it was covering the previous month, but looking into it is the line rental and unlimited fibre that I was charged for and not old charges.

12/08/2021: £38.20 !!!

At this point I have to ask what is going on with my billing and I would kindly request a detailed explanation of all the charges vs. what I actually owe PlusNet. I would also kindly request for my billing amount to go back to my contractual agreement of £21.99/month. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Billed much higher amount after "broken account"

@elma  Welcome to the forum.

If you don’t get a staffer response tomorrow morning try submitting a formal complaint on a ticket, see.

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Re: Billed much higher amount after "broken account"

Morning @elma

I've just sent you an email outlining exactly what's gone on here, and the actions taken to get it resolved. you van view this on the open Ticket on your account. Smiley

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds