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Billed for one account, possibly have two

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Billed for one account, possibly have two

I was wondering if anyone at plus net who sees this could advise - I took out an account for my FIL quite some time ago with you, I also have an account for myself with you. But only one account is showing up in my account details page. Could you please tell me first of all whether I have one or two active contracts on my account?

Secondly, I don't seem to have received a bill for my own account in months. I have reached out to plus net several times and been advised there is a problem with the billing system and once it is rectified I would be able to pay my bill again but a date for that fix could not be given. I was also told that my bill once this was fix would not exceed 130 since I expressed concerns of suddenly being hit with a massive bill of thousands once it is fixed that I would not be able to pay. I have not had an update on this situation in weeks,close to months, and I have yet to be billed. Can you please give me a follow up on what is happening with that please? Because quite frankly I find it an absolute mystery how I can still be being billed quickly and efficiently every month for my Fils account, but not for my own.

Thanks in advance.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Billed for one account, possibly have two

@Meeckle Thanks for getting in touch.

Each account has it's own and unique username, so I ask you find your FILs username and private message me that and the query in relation to that account.

As for your account, it is a own billing issue and we do not have an update for when this will be fixed. We are advising customers who have been impacted by this issue, that when it is fixed you will only pay for the last 90 days of service and the next 30 days of service.


I hope this helped Smiley

 Plusnet Help Team