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Billed for calls not made

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Billed for calls not made

I've been billed 50p for a phone call to 123. I didn't make this call.


The time and date the call was made, an openreach engineer was faffing about on the telegraph pole for a neighbour which included disconnecting everyone on the pole.


Please remove the chargeable call that openreach has made on my line.


Also, please feedback to openreach to STOP DOING THIS. They keep doing it to people all over the country and it's frankly taking the p.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Billed for calls not made


Hi Scott,


Sorry to hear you've incurred a charge to 123. I've issued a refund for the call charge for you to get that back to you as soon as possible.


I echo your frustrations regarding this happening and will make sure to pass feedback on to the relevant people.


I hope this helps.



I've discussed it with a colleague and have been advised that we unfortunately can't raise it if it didn't happen on a job we raised. However, you can report it directly to Openreach (I've had a look over the form and it sounds like it'd fit in the "I'm not happy with an Openreach employee or someone working on your behalf" issue reason on their complaint form)

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