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Billed after cancelling account

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Billed after cancelling account

Well, we moved house a few months back and soon after I phoned and cancelled my broadband with PN. I have since received a couple of bills which I have frankly just ignored after a quick google search has shown this is happening on a regular basis, and according to this,000 its not the first time!

I have now received messages regarding my account being blocked and overdue amounts etc so today I phoned PN to see what the hell is going on. After an hour on the phone and being passed from department to department I was told that not only was my account still open but there was no record of a call and no 'ticket' on the account for a cancelation and finally 'theres nothing i can do mate'.

In the end I have ended up paying nearly £90 for a service i have not been using for 3 months and i thought had been cancelled. I have only paid up in a attempt to prevent a mark on my credit score. I had been a good customer with PN and never left a bill unpaid, despite their site constantly being unable to accept payments and the 45minute waits on the phone all the while being told to pay online in a recorded loop.

Im feeling quite disheartened by the whole experience and have the overwhelming feeling ill never see my money again, If you are thinking of joining Plusnet just don't. i think my only course of action is to join the que of people reporting these problems to ofcom as plusnet refuse to do anything but demand money from me.

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Re: Billed after cancelling account

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Re: Billed after cancelling account


Hi @macca20d


Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry to hear of the experience you've detailed in your OP.


I've investigated this for you and provided my findings here.


Best wishes