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Bill payment issue

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Bill payment issue

Hi, I'm new here so not sure how this will help but I'm trying to pay my bill, it's only a months worth but I cancelled all dd when I lost all my work due to this virus. But I now cant log in anywhere and I can't get through on the phone so I'm stuck, I'm worrying that my service will be restricted when I have a house full of my kids and there only outlet is the wifi!!

Any advice gladly taken thanks
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Re: Bill payment issue

Plusnet don't read the General Chat forum very often in peacetime. Now they're probably losing staff left right and centre you've got no chance.

You need to post in the ADSL / Fibre forums to even have half a chance of them seeing it.

As for cancelling your DDs.. well.. I can't see plusnet giving you free service unfortunately. Maybe you'd be best switching to a data plan on your phone that gives you more data? - Not great and you'll fry the kids with all the electro magnetic radiation.. but it'll keep them occupied. Failing that you break out the board games and open the toy cupboard..

Many parents are in a similar position. My little'un has never played a computer game (maybe at school) so at home he's quite happy with his train set.

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Re: Bill payment issue

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