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Bill bugs problems and issues

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Bill bugs problems and issues

I am not to sure , there always is some issue and problems when the time comes to pay the bill. By default it is set to direct debit, money in my bank or not , the direct debit does not work properly and in past received email that the direct debit had failed, and so I pay it off with credit card. 
This months bill I could not have money available for direct debit, due to the fact my other bills drained my bank account and sucked it dry... and logically the direct debit won't work this month because the bank account is depleted. However , I can still pay the bill using the credit card, but how do I do it on the website, since I have had no email notification that the direct debit failed. (It fails even when the bank account is not depleted for the month). I really want to get this bill payed , waiting for the email notifying the direct debit has failed , providing an alternative payment is making me impatient.  Crazy
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Re: Bill bugs problems and issues

Unfortunately as you've realised our current billing system isn't the most flexible when it comes to situations like this. I'm sorry if this is causing you any issues.
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