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Bill (Potentially) Undercharged?

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Bill (Potentially) Undercharged?


I registered in July for my 18 month £22.99 Unlimited Fibre broadband contract to start in August (file attached showing order summary).
After some initial problems the IT team had setting the account up (apparently the property's phone number already had an account under a different name; the number was changed to resolve the issue), my account was set up and the broadband connection started August as requested.
When checking my bills the past few months I have only been charged £1.77 (with a 'promotional discount' of -£15.21) every month.
I was under the impression that I was to be charged £22.99 for 18 months, every month.
We don't have a landline for this property as we only use our mobiles, is this why we aren't being charged the full £22.99 we had signed up for?
I bring it up now as I am afraid we will be charged £22.99 18 times over in one go at the end of our contract when Plusnet/yourselves realise you've potentially(?) been undercharging.
Kind regards,


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Bill (Potentially) Undercharged?

Hey @kmsh5

Thanks a lot for getting in touch, and for making us aware of this.

Looks like our Provisioning Team have dropped the ball here when placing orders to get the account up and running. Our automated system could not add a phone component to the account when it was created, as the telephone number that was provided was already on an active account on our end. Saying that, it should have then been added manually.

I've sorted this out now, please disregard an email that you'll soon receive stating that your Home Phone service is ready to use, that's just me activating the component. We won't backdate any charges either as this was an error on our side, but going forward, your bills will be reflective of the contract you signed up on. Smiley

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds