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Being charged too much

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Registered: ‎06-09-2016

Being charged too much

Hi folks, finally after 9 days of mess-ups my fibre transfer is complete

However, I'm being charged on the latest bill at £27.49 instead of the £17.50 promo rate.

Can sometime help me out?. I don't want to phone in and be put on hold for ages

Cheers, Steve
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Re: Being charged too much

hi Steve .. have you tried phoning and going through to the SALES teams? Instead of the "customer with us already" options. It seems theyr far more quicker to answer when its a "new-customer-for-the-hooking-of" than they are with the ones they already got hooked-lined-and-sinkered!! . Like a lot of companies of today, unfortunately. Taking on more customers, when they clearly cannot cope with the ones they already have.. and whilst their 'already-in customers' put up with offensively loud music on long, looonnnggggg waiting queues, the staff are off elsewhere hooking in more Huh

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Being charged too much

Sorry to hear of the problems you've experienced @black2112


Looking at your account, I'm glad to see this now appears to be sorted.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Help Team