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Baffled with new contract bill

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Baffled with new contract bill

Well I got a new contract starting on 09/07/2020 at £23.99 for 18 months. I did have a prepaid  line rental until September. This morning I got a bill for £33.62 which has me has various charges and discounts including two seperate line rental charges one for £14.83 and one for £19.99.

I was half expecting a small rebate on the line rental.

Bill reads 

 Monthly charges


Voicemail £0.00

Line only £0.00

Line rental£0.00

Line rental £14.83

Line rental 19.99

unlimited fibre - £11.86

unlimited fibre £11.86 

unlimited fibre 15.99

discount £3.70 

It has me baffled

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Re: Baffled with new contract bill

@bl12ust308   Welcome to the forums

You would not get a rebate on your Line rental Saver as that is a different contract as I understand it.

You could try contacting the customer options team, search the forum for their direct phone number