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BT Sport 'not activated' yet being billed for.

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BT Sport 'not activated' yet being billed for.

I seem to have been paying for the BT Sport app for around 6 months despite not using it.

I recall getting error messages about set-up yet it still worked on day one. I haven't logged on since because I couldn't be bothered with the hassle but I note I'm paying for it regardless.

My contract is also up this month. If the BT sport issue can be resolved I'd be happy to re-contract.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Sport 'not activated' yet being billed for.

Hi @KA149 


I'll be able to cancel down BT Sports for you. First we need to ensure that some form of Data Protection is passed, we're unable to ask the questions over here. 

So instead you can head over to the ticket I've opened up. You just need to comment on this to confirm you give authorisation for the add on to be cancelled. 

If you're unable to access the ticket or have any issues commenting on this, instead you can contact the Retentions Team directly on 0800 013 2632. 

 Curtis Smith
 Plusnet Help Team