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BT Sport Refunds

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Registered: ‎20-03-2020

BT Sport Refunds

Is there any information being passed about a reduction/claiming the fess for BT Sport back?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Sport Refunds

Thanks for getting in touch @lsf3668

I'm afraid we aren't offering refunds at this moment in time but as all our BT Spors packages are on 30 day rolling contracts you cancel and reinstate it once normality resumes.

Let us know id you want to do that

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Sport Refunds

Hi, I completed a PlusNet form on the website roughly a month ago requesting a refund for my BT Sport subscription, but so far I haven't received any feedback. I checked by latest Bill this morning to find the charge hadn't been refunded.

I also checked my Account and found the following message: -

Unable to change service

You can't change your products for the moment, you have an order which is currently being processed. Please try again later.

Can someone please explain what is happening? I am not paying for a Service that isn't available and the information from PlusNet about this subject has been non existent. 

If you were prefer me to move to another Provider, just let me know and I will arrange this.

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Re: BT Sport Refunds

Hi @Beeaaannn,


Thank you for taking your time to get in touch.


I am very sorry that you are having a problem with our service. As my response contains account sensitive information this is not something I can provide over this platform. I have created a support question on your account with the answer and you are able to respond to this. You can view this on the following link.


Kind regards,



 Josh Berriman
 Plusnet Help Team