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BT Sport Cancellation

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BT Sport Cancellation

Hi on the 20th March 2020, after hanging on for 30 mins I spoke to one of your ream and cancelled my BT Sport.  I was advised an email would arrive to confirm this, but the email says you have cancelled  PlusNet Protect service.   I need confirmation that you have cancelled the correct thing please.  I have tried telephoning but am not happy to wait on hold for 30 mins as suggested.


Your help would be appreciated.



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Re: BT Sport Cancellation

I've tried some days ago and also today to cancel BT sport.. On number 0800432 0200 after pressing 3 i got one ring and it went dead. On 0800 023 2221 I eventually got a recording more or less saying that you cannot help me. I know we're all up the creek at present but why can it not be done online? I've enough problems at the moment without paying £10 a month for something which is worthless.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BT Sport Cancellation

Hi @Silverfox47 I've just checked the account and can see we removed access to the BT Sport app for you so apologies you didn't get your email.


Hi @JamesE It looks like we've already picked up a request for you to do this and a ticket is open on your account here:

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