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BB for the first time on another line

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BB for the first time on another line

I am thinking of taking my father-in-law into the 21st century and getting broadband set up for him at home as a Xmas present. I was thinking of the £9.99 product to begin with, but am unsure what to do next. Can anyone help me out with regards getting the line "split" (Is it +net or BT that does that?) Must it be done through his pc, or can I order it from my home? What about referral fee for me? etc.
I tried to find a help page for first-time BB users but didn't seem to be able to.
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Re: BB for the first time on another line

Hi Bernard,
Think of getting broadband as having an extra digital layer added to your analogue phone line.  BT Wholesale will do that all remotely for your father-in-law (make sure you get the referral for it!).
Your father-in-law won't need to do anything other than plug in his router and filters (which we can supply) and you can order it on his behalf.