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Automatic price rises

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Automatic price rises

I am a new customer with a contract for broadband and telephone service. The service started in January.

I was under the impression that the contract price would be fixed for a period of 18 months. I have recently received an email telling me that the price will go up this July. Is that true?

I was not aware of this when I signed up!


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Re: Automatic price rises

I am afraid it is true - it's in the terms and conditions for all new contracts taken out from autumn 2020 ish.

It will also increase again in March 2022 and then again annually.
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Re: Automatic price rises

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Re: Automatic price rises

Also the nasty bit is you will be charged early termination charges for leaving that loop hole has been closed 





Can I cancel my contract because of these changes?

If we're only putting up the price of broadband, line rental, call plans, call charges and BT Sport in line with the CPI plus 3.9% and you choose to cancel because of that, you'll still need to pay any early termination charges if you're still within your minimum term. This is because the amount we can increase your price by is fixed to any increase in CPI plus 3.9% and we'll have made the price increase clear when you signed up and you'll have agreed to it in our terms and conditions.

If we put up our prices for any other reason though, you might be able to end your contract early without paying any charge. early

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Re: Automatic price rises

Thanks for your post @johnmilbank 

I'm afraid that we haven't offered fixed price contracts in a fair while now. When you signup we'd make you aware that our prices can change in line with the Consumer Price Index + 3.9%

We've always increased our prices annually before the time we offered fixed price contracts and while I appreciate that our contracts are no longer fixed price, by aligning to CPI we're more transparent and in general the increase isn't as big.

Previously we increased our prices by around £1 to £2 a year, now it's a percentage of the monthly cost, which for the most part will be cheaper. One of the reasons we increase our prices is investment in our products and services.

There's some information here 

I hope this helps. 

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Re: Automatic price rises

One of the reasons we increase our prices is investment in our products and services.

Really ?

Is it not really for the profit of the parent company?

We haven't seen much evidence of improvement to products and services, more that things are taken away and made not as good as they have been.

Yes the service works (for me, hence still being here) but it's hardly improving. Where's IPv6, FTTP, etc. Why are services demoted to legacy and allowed to decay (like hosting, customer support, the ability to raise tickets, etc ). Don't get me wrong, I'm generally happy that the service works reliaby,it might not be the fastest in the world but it does work.

Just be honest, it's about profit for the shareholders not about benefiting customers.