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Authorised User

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Authorised User

Hi, can anyone please tell me how I add my husband as an authorised user?  I'm at work and he's rung Plusnet a couple of times this morning but they will not give him any details of the account but say I can add him in the member centre but both of us have looked and looked and cannot find anything anywhere where his name can be added so he can ring and speak to Plusnet himself.  All help will be much appreciated thanks.

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Re: Authorised User

@NikkiSwannell  go to the "Contact us" page... and then find the "Live Chat" ... you may see it is "not available"...that is because you have an adblocker working...  there is a thread "Live chat not working" somewhere on the forum, I t hink that will tell you how to sort that out..

once on "live chat"... You should be able to get someone to help you .. much better than hanging on the phone... also at the end of live chat, you have the opportunity to request a copy of it via email... *( you have to go through the "feedback" first ! ! ! .. )... and any instructions you have will been talking about will be on that email...


good luck

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as regards the "ad blocker" ... also check "ghostery"...    you may see this


and also need to have "Live Person" activated and not blocked... to get chat working...