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August billing not taken???

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August billing not taken???

Evening all
Has anyone else had this email ~ contents copied below:-
I'm sorry to tell you that unfortunately we haven't taken your 12th August subscription payment via Direct Debit.
This was caused by a technical problem that has now been resolved.
If you check your bank statements for August, you'll be able to confirm that your regular Direct Debit payment to Plusnet PLC has not been debited from your bank for your service.
If you take a look at the View Transactions link at you'll find that the invoice for August is incorrectly showing that payment has been taken.

What happens now?
We'll be requesting this payment from your bank in 3 working days as per the Direct Debit guarantee.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.
Looks pukka but Huh seems odd that having alraedy taken the September monies that August has only just cropped up as an issue?
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Community Gaffer
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Re: August billing not taken???

Yep, it's real. Unfortunately the August payment wasn't taken even though the DD file marked it as such.
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff